Schweizerische Vereinigung für Kleintiermedizin
Association Suisse pour la Médecine des petits Animaux
Associazione Svizzera per la Medicina dei Piccoli Animali
Swiss Association for Small Animal Medicine

Dear Colleague,

I don't know about you - but judging by the muddy paw prints in my home, autumn has truly arrived! Time for our munthly news round-up:
November was a busy month for the FECAVA board: first in Rome, representing companion animal vets at the general assemblies of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe and of the Union of European Veterinary Practitioners.
Later, Ann Criel took part in two meetings on illegal online dog trade in Brussels while president Wolfgang Dohne and past-president Jerzy Gawor attended the 26th PSLWMZ congress of our Polish colleagues in Łódź. And oh yes, there's also a new fact sheet out! Read more about this and other FECAVA news below.
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Karin (Editor)